Borel: “Putin believes that democracies are weak and tired of war. We must show that this is not the case”

As Ukraine’s military continues to wait for promised aid and Volodymyr Zelensky warns that the counteroffensive will take longer than expected, allies are waiting to see how events unfold to see if a new phase can be moved. The only option they see for negotiations in the EU is to maintain Ukraine’s position of strength. Still, it’s a scenario they still find difficult. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to support this country from an economic, humanitarian and, above all, military point of view. The message sent by the high representative of the European Union is that you should withstand the pressure.

“Putin believes that democracies are weak, that people are getting tired (…) and that they are wedded to the war effort, and we must show that this is not the case and that we support Ukraine until then. accepts”, he said. The Vice-President of the European Commission at the Security and Defense Forum.

Borrell argued that the “diplomatic struggle” was as important as the military one to lift many leaders out of the “strategic obscurity” of war, given that much of the world – Latin American or African countries – did not share. US or EU strategy. “Putin is not going to win this war,” Borrell said. “The world needs to understand what’s going on.”

“We need to explain to people, get more involved and tell them what’s going on.” I see world leaders in strategic limbo. I call them “yes but” people, there is no but: there is an invasion. “One country invades another without reason,” he said.

The war largely changed the paradigm in which the European Union operated, which was forced to strengthen military industries that had been illegal for decades. Now the European Commission is going to inject 500 million euros to increase the acceleration of the production of defense material to be sent to Ukraine if necessary, and the arsenal has been depleted in the last 14 months. Borrell estimated the spending of 70,000 million euros over the next three years, which member states plan to increase their defense capabilities.

Borelli also argues that diplomatic work should try to persuade China to use its “influence” in Russia to end the war. “We have no interest in taking Russia into the hands of China,” he said about the relations between these countries. However, he believes that in Beijing “they are not very comfortable” with what is happening and suggests that Putin has the most to lose. “It’s an unbalanced pair,” he said, before recalling that Russia accounts for 1% of global GDP, compared to the 20% that China represents.

As the EU began to prepare the eleventh package of sanctions, Borrell assured that China is not a “replacement” for the 27 from an economic point of view. The top representative is convinced that the stoppage of buying Russian gas is a blow to the Kremlin’s finances.

However, the package is complicated because it targets Chinese tech companies that serve Putin in making war material. Foreign Minister Qin Gang said that if this happened, China would “react sternly and sternly”.

Source: El Diario





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