Russia accuses Ukraine of launching a drone operation in an attempt to kill Putin

Ukraine attempted a drone attack on the Kremlin tonight, which was condemned by Russia’s president, who threatened retaliation.

We mark these actions as an act of terrorism and an assassination attempt against the President on the eve of Victory Day. The Kremlin statement said.

Two drones headed for the Kremlin were shot down and their remains fell on the territory of the main headquarters of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin’s office said. Some videos that have gone viral show images of the alleged attack.

According to the Kremlin, there were no casualties or material damage as a result of the downing of the planes. Moscow this Wednesday banned the launch of drones, except those used by the government.

Yulia Mendel, the former press secretary of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, questioned the Kremlin’s information. “After years of lies and provocations, how much can we believe Russia’s information about alleged Ukrainian drone attacks on the Kremlin?” Mendel believes that this is a “danger”.

Source: El Diario

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