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As a result of a shooting at a school in Belgrade, a teenager killed eight minors and a security guard

Nine people, eight of them minors, have been killed and several injured at a school in Belgrade after a 14-year-old boy, a student at the institution, opened fire on classmates, teachers and security guards in the early hours of the morning.

Eight children and a security guard were killed, while six children and a teacher were injured and are currently being treated in hospital, according to the Serbian Interior Ministry.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the local police “sent all available patrols” to the scene and arrested the suspect in the yard of the minor school.

According to authorities, this is a seventh-grade student who allegedly fired a rifle belonging to his father at several students and school security personnel.

“The injured are undergoing treatment and the police are working to determine the facts and circumstances of the incident,” the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Local media reports that many ambulances are in the area, as well as many police officers with special intervention teams.

Near the center of Belgrade, the area surrounding the “Vladislav Ribnikar” school is closed, and the students who were in the building at the time of the attack are being evacuated.

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