Plane attack in Ukraine injures Italian journalist Corrado Zunino and kills his translator Bogdan Bitik

Italian journalist Corrado Zunino, Repubblica newspaper’s special representative in Ukraine, was wounded in an airstrike that killed his partner and translator Bogdan Bitik, the government’s vice president and foreign minister confirmed. , Antonio Taiani.

Zunino was “injured in the shoulder during an airstrike in Kherson, he is fine and is being monitored by our embassy in Kyiv,” Taiani wrote on Twitter, after an Italian newspaper reported that his journalist and his translator were attacked while they were there. Traveling by car in the vicinity of the Ukrainian city.

“I am with (Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro) Kuleba, who has ensured the full cooperation of the Ukrainian authorities,” Tayan added.

Today, Kuleba is part of the Ukrainian delegation, which was held today in Rome at the bilateral meeting on the restoration of Ukraine, organized by the Italian executive authorities, and in which the companies of the strategic sector of both states participated.

Zunino himself said on Twitter that he is fine and described the situation of the attack in which his translator died. and “great friend” Bogdan Bitik: “Journey from Kherson to Odessa. I am fine, I have a wound on my right shoulder, I was burned by a bullet that hit my great friend Bogdan. I think he died at the beginning of Kherson Bridge. endless pain Her jacket was printed with the press.

“Corrado was taken to the Kherson Civil Hospital due to a shoulder injury. Bitik, unfortunately, did not have the same fate and died,” the newspaper “Republica” briefly writes about the attack, in which Taiyan’s words are also included.

The Italian Vice President added that the government and its Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni are informed and are closely monitoring the development of the situation.

Source: El Diario

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