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Ukraine is preparing a counterattack: Russia is very worried

Information about the time and place of the next counterattack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is classified. No more than 3-5 people on the planet know her.

This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSGT) Oleksijus Danilov in an interview with “Laisvės Radio”, the portal “” reports.

“The president said without details. This is a very important thing. I can say that today only a very limited number of people know where, when and how certain actions will start. No more than 3 to 5 people” , the official said.

Therefore, he explained, when people publish certain statements about a counterattack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, these statements may not be entirely true.

“Where, when, at what time – this question today is absolutely secret. Keep this in mind, ”emphasized the NSGT secretary.

According to him, Russia is “very worried” about future developments.

“We realize that these events will not benefit Russia. We understand what we are doing. We understand why we are doing it. We just don’t understand why Russia invaded our territory? But, believe me, they will all leave from here – either voluntarily or as “Cargo 200”, – concluded O. Danilov.

The portal recalls that Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov previously said that the Ukrainian military command and defense forces were preparing a counterattack. However, the appropriate time will be decided by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The United States expects Ukraine to launch frontline attacks in the coming weeks.

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