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The United States presented a new 2.6 billion USD military assistance program to Ukraine

On Tuesday, the United States announced details of a new $2.6 billion US Dollar Military Assistance Package to Ukraine, which includes ammunition for HIMARS high-precision missile systems, artillery shells and small arms.

“The United States will continue…to provide supplies to Ukraine to meet its immediate battlefield needs and long-term security assistance needs,” the Pentagon said in a statement. a statement.

The package also includes ammunition for the Patriot and NASAMS air defense systems, as well as ammunition and anti-tank missiles for the Bradley armored fighting vehicles that Washington had previously promised Kiev.

Most of the aid – 2.1 billion US dollars – allocated from the funds of the Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative, they pay for the purchase of equipment for the defense industry. An additional $500 million will be taken from existing US stocks, meaning they will reach the battlefield sooner.

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