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According to Ukrainian data, Russia has already lost about 175,690 soldiers since the start of the full-scale war

Russia since the start of the large-scale invasion in 2022. February 24 until 2023 As of April 4, Ukraine has already lost around 175,690 soldiers (+530 in the last 24 hours), announced Tuesday morning on Facebook the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the headquarters, during this period the Ukrainian defenders also destroyed 3,627 (+8) Russian tanks, 6,999 (+6) armored fighting vehicles, 2,697 (+3) artillery systems, 528 ( +1) multi-launch missile systems, 280 anti-air defense systems, 306 aircraft, 291 helicopters, 5,562 (+9) cars, 18 ships, 2,277 (+15) drones, 298 units of special equipment and 911 cruise missiles.

As Headquarters notes, this data is being refined. Collecting them is made difficult by the ongoing fierce battles.

Source: The Delfi





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