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Novaya Gazeta sources: Kadyrov is seriously ill

The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has been seriously ill for several years: the disease does not want to be treated and can end in the failure of internal organs. Since July last year, the health of the regional politician has deteriorated noticeably, Novaya Gazeta reports, citing sources.

Journalists write that the disease that R. Kadyrov is suspected of suffering from causes bouts of severe pain, and shortness of breath indicates a difficult lung situation (kidneys are also affected).

According to sources of “Novaya Gazeta”, one of the proofs of the deterioration of R. Kadyrov’s health is the active involvement of the politician’s sons in public life. Specifically, it is about the trip of his children to Ukraine, the meeting of his eldest son Akhmat Kadyrov with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the active participation of his sons in the politics of the republic.

Information about the poor health of the head of the Chechen Republic appeared as early as February. Then Akhmed Zakayev spoke about the possible illness and drug addiction of R. Kadyrov. In March, the German tabloid “Bild”, citing the same A. Zakayev, wrote about the Chechen leader’s problems with his kidneys, which he said were evidenced by his swollen face. The website also mentions that renowned nephrologist Yasin Ibrahim M. El Shahat arrived in Grozny from Abu Dhabi.

The Chechen opposition channel Telegram NIYSO also wrote about R. Kadyrov’s health problems. Ibrahim Jangulbayev, the founder of the 1ADAT movement, testified that the disease is “not very serious”.

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