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Spain joins Brussels appeal against Orbán’s Hungarian homophobic law

The common judicial front against Viktor Orbán’s homophobic law is gaining supporters. Spain has joined a complaint filed by the European Commission against a rule that, disguised as a fight against pedophilia, includes a ban on discussing homosexuality in school programs.

The government’s decision comes a day after the European Parliament appeared in the case, as well as ten other countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Portugal). Diplomatic sources explain that it is unusual for member states to be involved in this type of dispute against the legislation of club members.

But the seriousness of Orbán’s assault on the rights of LGTBI people has prompted some European partners to act. As soon as the legislation was approved in Hungary, there was the first movement. 17 countries, including Spain, have censored it, deeming it discriminatory and taking the community’s government to court.

“This Hungarian law is a shame,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said at the time. Brussels sent a letter to Orbán warning him that this was against the norm. “If the legislation is enacted, the European Commission will not hesitate to act in accordance with its legal authority,” the letter said.

It was June 2021. Orbán’s government responded in a statement saying the European Commission was based on “false allegations”. Brussels got in the way of Luxembourg last July and now the courts will have the last word. So far, the European Parliament and several countries have shown a clear political position to protect LGTBI rights.

Source: El Diario





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