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Erdogan’s decision to run reignited debate over term limits

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party and its nationalist allies have submitted a request to the Supreme Electoral Council to allow the current leader to run again in the May 14 elections. This has reignited a heated debate over whether the Constitution allows RT Erdogan to run for a third term.

“It is legally impossible for RT Erdogan to be a candidate again,” opposition politician Idris Sahin said on Tuesday, adding that his party DEVA would appeal RT Erdogan’s candidacy. According to the Turkish Constitution, the president’s term is five years and the president can be elected for a maximum of two terms.

RT Erdogan was first elected president in 2014; he was re-elected in 2018. RT Erdogan says he can run for a third term because the two-term rule was introduced in 2017, so his first term doesn’t count.

Many observers regard the May election as one of the most critical in Turkey’s recent history. RT Erdogan, who ruled for nearly 20 years, will face the country’s worst economic problems in decades, exacerbated by last month’s earthquake.

RT Erdogan’s main opponent is Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, the main leader of the opposition Republican People’s Party. He has the backing of five other opposition parties and a possible pro-Kurdish party, rekindling hopes of ousting RT Erdogan. The Electoral Council will announce the final official list of presidential candidates on March 31.

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