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Putin assured China that Russia’s energy supply was secure

President Vladimir Putin assured Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Tuesday that Russia’s long-term oil and gas supply was reliable, and said a new pipeline project between the two countries was underway.

Last February, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, most of the European energy market was diverted to Russia. Since then, Russia has been seeking commercial markets in Asia and elsewhere.

By 2030, China’s gas supply is expected to reach nearly 100 billion cubic meters per year, Putin said after talks with Xi Jinping. In addition, 100 million would be provided. tons of liquefied natural gas, as well as coal and other energy sources. China will get energy at a discount.

According to V. Putin, the volume of trade between China and Russia reached a record high last year – almost 190 billion. U.S. dollars. It should increase to more than 200 billion this year. U.S. dollars.

Despite Western sanctions on Russia, trade is growing, Putin said. He also indicated that practically all conditions have been created for the new Russian-Chinese gas pipeline through Mongolia. In the future, it should sink 50 billion. cubic meters of gas.

V. Putin said that Russia is ready to supply China with agricultural products.

According to V. Putin, payments for goods in yuan and rubles in Chinese currency will be expanded. Countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America also increasingly want it. Russia is following this strategy to weaken the US dollar as an international currency.

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