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Borelli mentions the arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court: “Putin will be arrested if he travels to more than 130 countries”

Putin will be arrested if he travels to more than 130 countries. EU High Representative Josep Borrell appreciates the International Criminal Court’s decision to issue an arrest warrant for the Russian president for war crimes. “If Putin travels to more than 130 countries that have signed the treaty, he should be arrested immediately. This is something to consider. We can negotiate what we want, but this decision is valid, it exists,” said the head of European diplomacy before underestimating this decision, due to the practical impossibility of a trial in The Hague.

Borrell appealed directly to the Russian authorities, who he assured would mitigate the decision on the condition that Russia did not sign the International Criminal Court agreement. For the head of European diplomacy, it is important that Putin’s siege is tightened by this international arrest warrant.

The High Representative said this while arriving at a meeting with the foreign ministers of the 27 members, where they will analyze the plan for the joint procurement of munitions, with which it intends to supply 2000 million euros. The first 1000 million will come from the existing arsenals and will be returned through the Peace Fund, which is the instrument used by the European Union to supply arms to Ukraine. The remaining 1000 million will be for new material, which will be purchased by the European Defense Agency and will also be financed through this fund. The third part of the proposal is to strengthen the European arms industry in order to increase production in the medium and long term.

Borrell was confident the plan would be approved this Monday, despite Germany’s refusal after it began signing new contracts on its own. The high representative assured that “nothing excludes it”, that is, both proposals can coexist. Thus, he reiterated that it is urgent to send Ukraine the material it needs – it requires 250,000 shells per month – “quickly and cheaply”.

For his part, Foreign Minister José Manuel Albarez chose to manage the procurement mechanism at the European level.

The head of European diplomacy also welcomed the announcement of the extension of the grain agreement between Ukraine and Russia. “We hope that it will be implemented effectively and without delay,” he said.

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