Brits have revealed their worst dining mishaps, including pushing pancakes on the ceiling that didn’t rise and cooking everything for a Sunday roast – except the chicken.

In a survey of 2,000 adults, respondents shared their biggest failures, with others admitting to making a dish so spicy it’s too hot for diners.

It also revealed that most kitchen disasters were caused by a lack of enthusiasm when cooking (27 percent), missing ingredients (22 percent) and a lack of time (18 percent).

And one in six regrets overcooking elements of their dish.

The research was commissioned by Tesco, which has expanded its new courier service, Whoosh, to deliver groceries to your door within 60 minutes should you ever find yourself in a moment of disaster.

Almost two-thirds started a meal from scratch after messing up a recipe

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain: “Whether it’s a special date night or a cozy evening in front of the TV, mealtime is an important part of our day.

“Kitchen disasters can be dramatic, but research shows that most mishaps stem from simply not having what we need when we need it – whether it’s an essential ingredient in a recipe or a quick meal when the time comes, energy and enthusiasm are lacking. “

It also found that more than a third (34 per cent) felt confused after their kitchen exploits – 62 per cent had to start over or even order a takeaway because they burned the meal or forgot a key ingredient.

Another 14 percent often start preparing a meal and then realize they forgot the essential ingredient.

More than half (53 percent) try to use an alternative in this situation, while 44 percent continue to cook the dish without – but almost two in five (38 percent) run to the store.

When cooking for family and friends, it is important for 86 percent that everyone enjoys it.

But most kitchen accidents happen when people are preparing their dinner (22 percent), cooking their Sunday roast (15 percent), or when there are large gatherings of family and friends (10 percent).

Mealtime is also the most common time for something to go wrong in the kitchen, according to half of those surveyed (49 percent).

And 44 percent wish there was a way to quickly get the groceries they need for their meal, whenever they need it.

The Tesco spokesperson adds: “Cooking in the kitchen should not be stressful, but above all relaxing and enjoyable.

“I think we should all laugh at the disasters we face and take them seriously – there are bigger things to worry about these days.

“But when you’re almost done cooking and you’re missing that essential ingredient, Tesco Whoosh has got you covered.”