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Peskov: Drone flights over the Black Sea prove US involvement in the conflict

US drone reconnaissance flights over the Black Sea, according to Russia, prove direct US involvement in the war in Ukraine. “It’s pretty obvious what these drones are doing. Their task is by no means a peaceful mission to ensure the safety of navigation in international waters,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters. Russian channel Rossiya 1.

“In fact, we need to talk about the direct participation of these drone operators in the conflict, that is, against us,” noted D. Peskov.

An incident was reported last Tuesday in which two Russian fighter jets intercepted a US drone over the Black Sea, about 120 kilometers from Russian-occupied Crimea. According to available data, Russian fighter jets flew over the plane and tried to dump fuel on it. One of the fighters then blocked the propeller of the drone and it fell into the water.

Russia denied after the incident that the drone was shot down on purpose. The United States, in turn, accused Russia of aggressive behavior and summoned the Russian ambassador to the country. Washington also pointed out that the drone was operating in international airspace.

Source: The Delfi





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