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Riots and damage to public infrastructure on the last day of protests in France

The marches are being joined in partial strikes by the train service, refineries, gas, and garbage collectors.

Burning of containers, police charges and destruction of urban furniture is what characterized the demonstrations this Saturday in France, where people took to the streets both in Paris and in Bordeaux, Marseille and other cities in the European country.

The marches against the French government respond to the discontent generated by the pension reform promoted by Emmanuel Macron, whom the public accuses of authoritarianism for having approved the unpopular reform by decree.

Faced with the government ban on demonstrating in the Place de la Concorde, in which the protests of the last two nights have resulted in hundreds of arrests and numerous damages, thousands of people moved to the Place d’Italie, in the south of Paris. . There, union militants and left-wing parties mixed with protesters outside of any organization, evoking the “Yellow Vests” revolt of 2018.

Almost two hours after the start of the march, containers began to be burned and barricades erected, which led to clashes with the police, who used tear gas in response to the launching of projectiles. Until now, the authorities have not disclosed any balance, neither detainees nor injured.

The wave of protest against the government of French President Emmanuel Macron spread today practically throughout the country, even in medium-sized and small cities. The demonstrations were joined by partial stoppages in trains, refineries, the gas sector and garbage collection, among others.

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