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Trump believes he will be arrested next Tuesday and is asking his supporters to protest to “take the nation back.”

Former Republican US President Donald Trump (2017-2021) indicated on Saturday that he will be arrested on Tuesday as part of his investigation into payments to porn star Stormi Daniels, and called on citizens to protest.

Protest, take back our nation,” he said. In its social network Truth Social without specifying the reason for the arrest.

The former president cited “illegal leaks from the corrupt and highly politicized Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which has enabled new records for violent crimes and is led by George Soros.”

According to him, he added in his message that “on Tuesday they will arrest the main Republican candidate and the former president of the USA (…) without proving any crime and based on an old and completely debunked tale.” by many other prosecutors).”

$130,000 for silence

The Manhattan investigation, which spanned nearly five years, centers on an alleged $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence during the 2016 White House campaign.

The undercover payment was allegedly an attempt to prevent her from publicizing her alleged sexual relationship with the then-presidential candidate.

According to media reports, prosecutors appear to be focused on falsifying the Trump Organization’s business records because they included a payment to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who said he gave the money to the woman.

Falsifying business records is a felony in New York, he recalled CNN.

The same channel reported this Saturday that the ex-president is expected to appear in Manhattan after the official charges and expressed his intention to speak after that, which his advisers have advised.

The case will be the first indictment against a former US president and could change the 2024 presidential race, in which Trump remains one of the main Republican candidates.

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