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The French opposition tabled a motion of censure against the government

France’s parliamentary opposition on Friday tabled a motion of no confidence in President Emmanuel Macron’s government after the adoption by decree of a controversial pension reform, the leader of an independent parliamentary group said.

“The vote on this declaration will allow us to get out of a deep political crisis,” said Bertrand Pancher, leader of the so-called Liot group, initiated by members of the broad left-wing coalition NUPES.

The vote of no confidence comes as protesters blocked a major highway around Paris and stepped up strikes at oil refineries, rekindling anger over President Emmanuel Macron’s pressure on Article 49(3) of the constitution to pass a controversial pension reform.

Section 49(3) allows the government to pass a bill without a parliamentary vote. But the same article provides that the opposition can respond with a motion of censure.

Macron’s decision sparked nationwide protests on Thursday night, with hundreds arrested across the country, according to the interior minister.

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