About 100 girls were hospitalized after gas poisoning in four schools in Iran

Dozens of girls were hospitalized after being gassed in at least four schools in Iran this Saturday, amid a spate of poisonings at women’s education centers in the country. In total, about a hundred minors were poisoned on the same day in a dozen different schools.

As reported by the EFE agency, Iranian authorities and official media confirmed the poisoning of six schools in the country this Saturday, but activist groups today put the number of women’s education centers affected at more than ten.

At least 27 students from a school in the southern city of Kawar were taken to hospital after suffering from nausea and dizziness, provincial education department spokeswoman Hamireza Shabani told Tasnim news agency, assuring the young women were doing “good”. In the north-west of the country, another 30 students from the school of Urmia were admitted to medical centers with symptoms of poisoning, the Tasnim agency reported, citing no official sources.

Also in the north, 29 youths from a school in Zanjan were taken to hospital and are in good condition, the president of the city’s University of Medical Sciences said, according to Shargh newspaper. In the east of the country, two other schools in the cities of Hamedan and Kabudarahan also received poisoning, which led to the hospitalization of an unknown number of young people, Alireza Togiri, a spokesman for Hamedan University of Medical Sciences, told ISNA. .

This is the last time that minors are drunk in schools. On February 28, hundreds of schoolchildren suffered the same type of poisoning that was reported in many schools in up to 15 cities across the country.

Affected minors claim that they smelled strong odors in schools until they felt headaches, palpitations, nausea and dizziness. In the first cases of this poisoning, about 50 young women were poisoned in the same city, and in the second, this number increased to 80 minors. Last Wednesday, a member of Iran’s parliament assured local media outlet Mehr News that 900 minors were affected.

Iran has been engulfed in a wave of protests and tension since last September, when young Masha Amin died at the hands of morality police. Agents arrested her for improperly wearing a veil. In response, thousands of people took to the streets of the country’s main cities to protest against the repression. Demonstrations began with the demand for women’s rights and turned into a movement against the regime.

Authorities have admitted in recent days that they are investigating the poisonings, which they call “deliberate attacks.” Iran says it has set up a specialized team at the Ministry of Health, but has not yet released details on the progress of its investigation.

Local activists have called the incidents at the schools “toxic attacks” and “bioterrorism” and say it is another step by the Iranian regime in its crackdown on demonstrations that have gripped the country since last September. “They want to regain their lost ground in front of the ‘woman’.” life. Libertad causes panic among girls and their families”, says A A statement from the Iranian Teachers’ Association posted on his Telegram channel.

The country’s deputy secretary of education, Younes Panahi, said last week that “after the poisoning of several students in the city of Qom, we have seen that some people want to close schools, especially for girls,” although he later declined. Another member of parliament admitted that the poisoning “happened on purpose”.

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