Several people died as a result of Russian bombing in the Ukrainian city of Kherson

The Russian military bombed Kherson, in southern Ukraine, killing and injuring several people, the country’s authorities said on Tuesday.

“Kherson is under fire. probably [con lanzacohetes] grad. About 20 explosions took place,” said the head of the Kherson regional military administration, Alexander Prokudin, on Facebook.

Afterwards, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Russian army was “heavily bombarding Kherson” and causing casualties and injuries. As the president explained on Telegram, the parking lot, residential areas, high-rise building and public transport stop were damaged. “Civilians are being killed mercilessly again,” he said.

Earlier, the current head of the presidential administration, Andrei Yermak, indicated that six people were killed and wounded, as well as damaged houses after the bombing from “several rocket launchers”. They just went to work, to buy something in town. According to Kherson City Council, the number of dead is up to 5, 16 people are hospitalized.

Transport stopped, Yermak wrote on Telegram, where he shared a recording showing, among other things, a destroyed facility and a transport stop, as well as a photo of two people lying on the ground, which was also published. by Zelensky.

The attack came on the same day as Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a lengthy speech in which he signaled his decision to proceed with the invasion of Ukraine. Step by step we will fulfill all our tasks carefully and consistently”, said Putin.

“At the same time, the Russians continue to fight against civilians,” Ermak said. “The response to these crimes should be as severe as possible. And it will definitely be. We will clear our land of the slaves of the inadequate killer. And we will find everyone who gave and followed the order, no matter how long they tried to hide afterwards,” he wrote.

“The world has no right to forget for a moment that Russia’s cruelty and aggression have no limits. The terrorist state will be held accountable for all its inhumane crimes against our people and Ukraine,” Zelensky wrote.

Ukraine launched a counter-offensive in which it managed to recapture Kherson in mid-November after the withdrawal of Russian forces. The city has been occupied for more than eight months and was the only regional capital that Russia managed to capture during the invasion that began nearly a year ago, as well as one of the parts of Ukraine that Moscow says it has absorbed. During this time, Russian forces bombed the city in southern Ukraine several times.

Source: El Diario





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