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Borel: “We announced that we will give battle tanks and there was no third world war”

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, is calling on EU members to continue sending military aid to Ukraine, especially tanks, which Volodymyr Zelensky requested, because he believes that not enough has been done to support the country, and he has warned parliamentary groups that the shipment. Weapons are not incompatible with diplomatic efforts to end war. “We announced that we would give battle tanks and there was no third world war,” the top official said in a speech to the European Parliament, where reluctance to take an allied stance is more often due to fears of escalation. .

“I don’t understand those who say that in order to negotiate, you should first stop military support for Ukraine. On the contrary, you have to do both things at the same time. This is not a debate between doves and hawks,” Borel asserts, who is sure that some kind of mediation or negotiation will begin within the framework of the next UN Assembly under the leadership of the Secretary General. But he showed little optimism by admitting that “the war will be long” and distrustful of Vladimir Putin, who has said he has no intention of ending the offensive, according to those who have addressed the situation diplomatically.

Borrell, adamant that he lacked the “enthusiasm of a warrior”, warned that this spring and summer would be decisive in the future of the conflict and reprimanded the 27th for their slow decision-making, such as sending tanks. Thus, he urged his partners to continue sending weapons. So far, only 11 countries plan to send tanks, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who heads the group coordinating the effort, said on Tuesday.

The new package of sanctions is 11,000 million

“I call on the countries that have modern and effective battle tanks, which are gathering dust in their barracks and which are useless, to hand them over to Ukraine as soon as possible,” Borel said. What he has said nothing about is sending fighters, which is Zelensky’s new demand for allies. And while the taboo on sending fighter jets may have been broken, allies insist that stage has not yet been reached.

He also ensured that sanctions, albeit slowly, are working, particularly the Russian oil price cap. In the same sense, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, spoke, who assured that the nine current packages lead to the retreat of the Russian economy. “And to maintain this strong pressure, we are going to propose a tenth package of measures, with new bans on trade and technology exports from Russia,” said the head of the Community government, who estimated the total cost of these new measures. 11,000 million Sanctions against the military industry. Brussels aims to impose restrictions on electronic components that Russia buys to make planes, missiles or helicopters.

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