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López Aguilar, PSOE: “You must communicate with Morocco on the basis of mutual respect; swallowing frogs if necessary”

Days after the PSOE supported a resolution critical of the human rights situation in Morocco, which was approved by an overwhelming majority, MEP Juan Fernando López Aguilar defends this position without clearly mentioning the vote, blaming those who “torture” them. And very insulting speeches against Morocco.” “This ruthless discourse with Morocco is not harmless, it has consequences and these consequences are not good for us. Morocco is next door and we can’t do without it. This is our relentless neighbor. The only way to connect with this reality is through mutual respect and this must be built by swallowing saliva or toads if necessary,” the former minister said at a conference organized by the conference. Tenerife newspaper Diario de Avisos.

“Morocco is a strategic partner of the European Union and, of course, of Spain. Spain is the only country that has a land border with the African continent. Is there a responsible ruler who can ignore this?” – asked the socialist leader, who believes that “it is a very bad idea to talk badly about the neighbor”. It is a very bad idea to insult your neighbor; It can only complicate and worsen your life. Showing respect for one’s neighbor in public demonstrations and even in private is crucial. If you violate this, your safety and well-being may deteriorate dramatically,” the parliamentarian added.

“In the European Parliament, I hear shocking and highly offensive speeches against Morocco and what concerns Morocco, its political system, its penal system, its monarchy, its king… It is profoundly senseless. You can’t expect someone who wants to have government responsibility to use that language,” López Aguilar added. In a debate in Strasbourg last week, the group of Socialists and Democrats, in which the PSOE is integrated, was very harsh during the debate on the situation of several journalists imprisoned in the interventions against the Alawite kingdom, which took place under intense pressure. The European Parliament rejected the resolution from the Moroccan regime. The PSOE broke with its group and voted against the text along with several MPs from Le Pen’s far-right.

López Aguilar compares the situation in Morocco to the situation in Spain: “Put yourself in the skin. Do you agree to see thunderous and merciless interventions on television against Spain, its institutions and its king from abroad? Won’t they think something smells like burnt horn?”

The PSOE, which did not actively participate in the debate, justified its vote against the resolution by maintaining “sincere bilateral relations”. López Aguilar goes even further and clearly mentions the Spanish-Moroccan summit on February 1 and 2, in which Pedro Sánchez and Mohammed VI will participate, and defends that Spain cannot “have a rude or impolite word with a decisive neighbor.” – presence “Morocco has a lot to talk about. They had a terrible time in Ceuta and Melilla. The customs office has been closed for years and is going to open it,” said the European parliamentarian.

It is worth swallowing saliva before sending you, – said the former Minister of Justice, who believes that “restraint” should prevail in relations with a strategic partner.

Podemos criticized the Socialist MEP for his words and recalled some human rights violations, such as the persecution of journalists, or the atrocity at the Melilla fence, in which dozens of people died, as well as “interference in the European. democracy”. The relationship with Morocco has been one source of tension in the coalition government since Sánchez made a historic U-turn on Spain’s position in the Sahara to restore precisely the relations that the Alawite kingdom broke during its humanitarian reception of Polisario Front leader Brahim. Gaul.

Source: El Diario





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