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Several high-ranking Ukrainian government officials have resigned amid allegations of corruption

Several senior Ukrainian government officials resigned on Tuesday amid corruption allegations, while President Volodymyr Zelensky. It was forbidden to leave the country Deputies and high-ranking officials and announced personnel changes at different levels.

Kirilo Tymoshenko, Deputy Director of the President’s Administration; Deputy Minister of Defense Vyacheslav Shapovalov; Oleksii Simonenko, Deputy Prosecutor General; And Vyacheslav Negoda and Ivan Lukeria, deputy ministers of the Ministry of Communities and Territorial Development, resigned during this restructuring of Zelensky.

Mykhailo Podoliak, chief adviser to the President of Ukraine. noted That these steps show that Zelensky is responding to a “significant public demand” for accountability. “Zelensky’s decisions on personnel matters show the important priorities of the state… He does not look different. During the war, everyone should understand their responsibility. “The president sees and listens to the public and directly responds to the main demand of the public: justice for all,” he said.

The Defense Ministry indicated that Shapovalov, who is responsible for supplying troops to the frontline, resigned in an “act of honor” to maintain confidence after allegations of corruption in some media, which the ministry denies. newspaper ZN.UA published that the Ministry of Defense overpaid for food for soldiers. Minister Oleksii Reznikov himself, He published a statement Ensuring that the inflated prices in the supply of troops were caused by a “technical error” by the contracting company, which “made a mistake in transferring data from one table to another”.

In turn, the prosecutor’s office did not explain the reasons for the resignation of Simonenko, who was recently criticized in the local media for going on vacation to Spain.

In a statement released Monday night, Zelensky banned officials from leaving the country, saying: “Ignoring war is a luxury that no one can afford. If they want to rest, they will rest outside the public service.”

Finally, Tymoshenko did not explain the reasons for his resignation from the position of the Deputy Director of the Presidential Administration. “I thank the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky for his trust and the opportunity to do good things every day and every minute,” he said in Telegram.

These changes occur only after two days Arrest and dismissal of the Deputy Minister of InfrastructureVasyl Lozinsky allegedly stole $400,000 to buy aid, including generators. “I want it to be clear: there will be no return to the way it was before, the way various people close to state institutions lived or who spent their whole lives chasing the chair. [un cargo estatal]- Zelensky said in a speech on Sunday night regarding corrupt politicians.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine also dismissed five heads of the country’s regional military administrations, including those of Kyiv, Zaporozhye and Kherson. Ukrainian media Pravda disseminates the information.

In 2021, the non-governmental organization “Transparency International” ranked Ukraine 122 out of 180 in terms of corruption, making the country one of the most corrupt in the world.

Source: El Diario





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