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The European Union imposes new sanctions on Iran, which include members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

More sanctions given the continued crackdown on Iran and increased executions of protesters. EU foreign ministers agreed on Monday to impose sanctions on 18 people and 19 entities, including members of the government as well as members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. However, High Representative Josep Borrell has already warned that they are not going to include this paramilitary organization responsible for the protection of the regime in the list of terrorist organizations, because, as he explained, it should be announced at least. One court of the Member State. Germany and the Netherlands have requested this inclusion, along with the United States, and the European Parliament also requested it last week.

The new sanctions bring the total to 164 individuals and 31 entities, as the regime used disproportionate force to crack down on protests that have taken place in the country since the killing of Mahsa Amin for not wearing a veil properly. Among the new sanctions are members of the government and parliament (Majlis), as well as important political and media figures and senior police officers, including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the EU Council said in a statement.

Sanctions include asset freezes, travel bans to the EU, and the provision of funds or resources to those individuals or entities. In addition, the EU is already prohibited from exporting material to Iran that could be used for both repression and communications monitoring.

In the previous package of sanctions, the EU punished 20 people and one entity for human rights abuses, but also included eight more for supporting Russia with arms, specifically supplying drones to Vladimir Putin.

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