A 22-year-old sex worker who sells her content on OnlyFans has spoken out about the death threats she has received online, including threats to disband her. Miki-rose, from Gravesend in Kent, says she was followed online and received disturbing comments during the time she used the site.

Data from Kent Police in the first 11 months of this year revealed there were 35 reports where “OnlyFans” were included in the investigation log. Of these, there are six reports of stalking, four reports of harassment, three reports of sending letters, etc. with intent to cause fear or anxiety, and two reports of extortion.

There were also four reports of releasing or threatening to release private photos or videos with the intent to cause trouble and two reports of threats to destroy or damage property. In most cases (14), while a suspect was identified, the victim did not support or withdraw support for further action, reports KentLive

Miki-rose started her OnlyFans page in January 2020 is taken seriously. .

The 22-year-old said: “I was stalked online and people tried to find out where I lived and created hundreds of new accounts just to see what I was posting. Being harassed online is pretty typical for any OnlyFans creator, but I’ve had it in public too, for example I once said no to hanging out with a group of guys at a nightclub who recognized me and tried to play them has.

“That’s when my boyfriend stepped in to intimidate her and get her to let me go. I’ve been stalked at conventions, threatened to send my content to family members even though they already know what I do for a living.

“My content has also been stolen and resold by others, and I have had several threats of kidnapping and/or rape. One person even told me that they would “find me and hack me.” I couldn’t report most of these things because unfortunately they come from people abroad or from accounts that can’t be traced.

“Fortunately, any public event was suppressed by the intervention of my friends or associates, so no charges were filed. Unfortunately, the site has absolutely no protection when such things happen. They barely respond to emails from tech support.

“Also, with content leaks and online theft, they are not supporting the creators. I am currently paying an outside agency to help me handle this. I would like to think that the police would take the creators of OnlyFans seriously as they are supposed to be impartial in fighting crime.

“I haven’t talked to them about anything related to my website though, so I can’t say for sure.” In the past year, the police have seen 56 reports that included the “OnlyFans” in the investigation log.

Some of the offenses recorded in the last four years include rape or attempted rape and assault. Some of these will affect children under the age of 16. The website was created in 2016. It offers subscribers access to exclusive content that sits behind a paywall.

Many of their creators post sexually explicit content, but last year the site changed its rules, which meant that most pornographic content was banned from the site.