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European Parliament sanctions PSOE MEP Monica Silvana for harassing her aides

The European Parliament has sanctioned PSOE MEP Monica Silvana for “psychological harassment” by three of her aides. This was announced by President Roberta Mezzola at the start of the plenary session in Strasbourg after the process of the consultative committee, where the claims of workers and socialist parliamentarians were analyzed.

The European Parliament’s resolution, against which the MEP can appeal, involves the suspension of Silvana’s parliamentary activities for a total of 30 days, as well as the cancellation of the allowances received for one month. This will result in a fine of around 10,000 euros.

The head of the Socialists and Democrats group, Iratxe García, avoided a decision on the hypothetical expulsion of Silvana from their ranks and limited himself to imposing the same punishment on the MEP as the European Parliament had announced. “As a group, of course, I fully respect the established sanction and we will use the same sanction that is used in our group in the parliament. We just heard the news, we don’t know the content of the commission that made this decision,” Garcia responded at a press conference in Strasbourg.

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