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Seven kilos of explosives were found near the home of Colombian Vice President Francia Marquez.

The Vice President of Colombia, Francia Marquez, confirmed this Tuesday that his security team found a device containing more than 7 kilos of explosive material on the road that leads directly to his private residence in the city of Suarez, in the Caucasus Department.

As Marquez wrote on his official Twitter profile, where he also attached up to four photos of the aforementioned device, agents of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Colombian National Police detonated the device in a controlled manner.

Marquez shared the police report, which clearly states that this was an attack in an attempt to end his life. “We will not stop working day by day until we achieve the complete peace that Colombia dreams of and needs,” affirms the vice president, who is also in charge of the new Ministry of Equality.

“Due to the characteristics and location of the artifact, intelligence and security officials concluded that it was an apparent attack on the Vice President,” the report said.

Marquez has been the victim of racial slurs and other attacks since taking over the reins of Colombia’s vice presidency from President Gustavo Petro in early August.

Source: El Diario





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