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Zelensky congratulated Ukrainians on Christmas

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy congratulated the citizens of the country on Christmas, mentioning in his speech those who are inside the country, abroad and in captivity.

“Congratulations on a brilliant Western Rite Christian Christmas!” Today and all the winter holidays to come, we find ourselves in difficult circumstances. Someone will see the first star in the sky above Bakhmut, Rubezhnoye, Kremennaya today. “Someone will celebrate the holiday in other people’s homes, but not in foreigners – in those who house Ukrainians,” Zelenskiy said.

“Someone will celebrate this Christmas in captivity, but remember that we follow these people who are ours, we will set freedom for all Ukrainians and Ukrainians,” assured the president.

In his Christmas speech, he recalled the difficult times of the war – the siege of Azovstal and the occupation of towns near kyiv by Russian troops, the Chernobayevka bombings, the withdrawal of Russian troops from the island of Serpents and the success of the counterattack by the armed forces of Ukraine – the liberation of Izium and Kherson.

“We will celebrate our holidays! Like always. We will smile and be happy. Like always. There is only one difference: we will not wait for a miracle, because we create it ourselves,” said V. Zelenskis.

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