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US Congress asks Justice Department to investigate Trump over Capitol attack

The US House of Representatives this Monday held the last session of the investigative commission on the 2021 attack on the Capitol, where it approved its final report and asked the Department of Justice to criminally investigate former President Donald Trump for his role in the attack.

The committee believes the former president could have committed four crimes: “influencing or obstructing an official governmental process,” “conspiracy to defraud the United States,” “making false statements to the federal government,” and “aiding or abetting insurrection.” USA”..

The investigative commission interviewed more than 1,000 witnesses, obtained more than a million documents and held 10 public hearings with millions of viewers for a year and a half. The House of Representatives created the commission when Republican senators blocked the creation of an independent commission to investigate the attack.

The Justice Department is conducting its own investigation into what happened during the attack on the Capitol, so the committee’s decision is more symbolic than effective, but it does send an important message.

“Our work on the commission led us to recommend that the Department of Justice criminally indict Donald Trump. We now turn to the criminal justice system to ensure that justice is done in accordance with the law. The American people can ensure he is never re-elected,” Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger tweeted.

Next month, the new Congress will emerge from last November’s elections, in which the Republican Party won a majority in the House of Representatives. With that in mind, who will become the next Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, noted that the Conservatives are planning theirs own investigation in order to discredit the conclusions of this commission.

“At committee meetings, we presented evidence of what ultimately became a plan to cancel the 2020 presidential election,” the final report said. “These tests led us to one main and direct conclusion: the main cause [lo ocurrido el] On January 6, there was a man, former President Donald Trump, who was followed by many. Nothing would happen without him.”

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