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Prince William’s godfather leaves Buckingham Palace after asking black British activist ‘where are you really from’

An aide to King Charles III and King Camilla has resigned after apologizing for “unacceptable comments” he made during an official engagement with a charity director on Tuesday evening, Buckingham Palace said on Wednesday.

The Royal House admits that the person responsible, identified in the press as a veteran lady, Lady Susan Hussey, made “deeply regrettable” remarks to Ngozi Fulani, director of the London-based anti-violence NGO Sistah Space. women.

“We are taking this incident very seriously and are investigating immediately to determine the details.” The mentioned person apologized for the damage caused and left his honorable position immediately,” the statement said.

The royal house invited Ngozi Fulani to the palace to talk about his experience and ensure that he constantly “reminds all members that they must always apply a policy of diversity and inclusion”.


The incident was first revealed by the victim herself on Twitter, who says Lady SH “pulled her hair out to see” her badge and transcribes the conversation, which took place at a reception hosted by Camilla at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday to condemn violence against women. , which was attended by about 300 representatives of the charity organization.

The London-based activist explains that shortly after her arrival, an aristocrat approached her and started asking her about her “real” background, even though she repeated that she was born and raised in the United Kingdom.

When Ngozi Fullon tells her that his non-profit organization is based in the London suburb of Hackney, the lady forces him to tell her “where are you really from” and “which part of Africa are you from”.

He then asks what his nationality is, and when the black activist tells him he is British, the royal aide wants to say “where do your people come from” and asks how long he has been in the UK.

“Sir! I’m British, my parents emigrated in the 1950s when…” Fuloni said. “Oh, I knew we’d get to the bottom of it, it’s a Caribbean island!” Lady SH responded to the Twitter account according to.

“No ma’am, I’m of African heritage, Caribbean and British,” the activist continued, after which the bystander continued to insist on his origins.

Mandu Reid, leader of the minority Women’s Equality Party, who was at the event, said Hussey’s comments were “offensive” and “racist” questioning whether he was black British.

Although Sistah Space and the palace have not named the alleged perpetrator, she has been identified in the press as Lady Susan Hussey, the 83-year-old godmother of Prince William, who was lady-in-waiting to Elizabeth II. Court of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla.

Source: El Diario





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