The Mexican National Guard broke up a caravan of migrants at the southern border

Tapachula (Mexico), November 29 (EFE).- Members of the Mexican National Guard (GN) and the National Institute of Migration (INM) on Tuesday broke up a migrant caravan that was about to leave with 2,000 people from the southern border to the United States. States.

The operation surprised migrants in Tapachula Central Park on the Mexico-Guatemala border, where agents first invited the foreigners to turn themselves in and promised to give them papers to regularize their stay.

Jaime Severino, a migrant from the Dominican Republic, told EFE that the troops initially secured 2,000 migrants who were about to go in the caravan, although they later released a number.

Authorities took the migrants to the Siglo 21 migration station to invite them to process the Multiple Migration Form (FMM), a document that allows them to stay legally in the state of Chiapas but which prevents them from transiting to other states.

Migrants rejected the document, which the Mexican government is temporarily offering, warning that they risked trying to leave in caravans.

Other groups of migrants who receive FMM continue to sleep and wander the streets of Tapachula.

Some Venezuelan migrants have refused to travel in caravans for fear of INM and National Guard operatives.

It is a risk and a sacrifice for these South Americans to walk en masse to the northern border to cross into the United States.

Doris Zuley, a Venezuelan migrant, asked that there be a solution in Mexico if the government continues to allow them to transit.

“We know that we must respect justice, because we must not be violent, because we are not going to do something like that,” he said.

For his part, his compatriot Edwin Rivas, who is in Tafachula Central Park, indicated that if it is possible to go out by caravan, he will do it because he has children and needs to find a way to feed them.

In addition, she claimed that the Mexican Governmental Commission for the Assistance of Refugees (Comar) needs four months to complete the process and reach the next appointment.

He emphasized that hundreds of migrants from 10 countries still remain in Tapachula and cannot work to support their children.

The region is experiencing record migration flows to the United States, whose Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office apprehended more than 2.76 million undocumented immigrants in fiscal year 2022.

Source: El Diario





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