As Britain celebrates 50 years of Pride, SKITTLES has partnered with GAY TIMES, Queer Britain and Getty Images to fill the gaps in historical LGBTQ+ archives. The work is part of the #RecolourTheRainbow campaign, which calls on the community and allies to submit their own photos from Pride’s history.

The group works together to support the development and creation of tomorrow’s LGBTQ+ archives. Together, this group will document and represent the historical and current experiences of the community.

The group seeks out never-before-seen images to create a collection that represents the diversity of LGBTQ+ life. Those who send their photos to also stand a chance to have their photos published in GAY TIMES and donated to Queer Britain’s collection.

To continue their work for 2022, the group is working with MasterChef (2020) winner and presenter Riyadh Khalaf, who commented on his involvement in the campaign: “Our community has so many stories to tell and people to celebrate. It is appalling that so much of our history has been hidden or erased. Every LGBTQ+ person’s experiences are worth documenting and I am proud to stand alongside the brilliant SKITTLES, GAY TIMES, Queer Britain and Getty Images to ensure that tomorrow’s archives contain the right stories and the experiences of capturing our vibrant community. But we need your help.”

Existing collections often do not accurately reflect the intersections and diverse spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities. Research from Getty Images VisualGPS shows that images used in the media are often based on outdated stereotypes of LGBTQ+ people. For example:

· 30% of the images used show gay men as excessive.

· 29% photos of lesbians portray them as more masculine.

· 29% of LGBTQ+ images used show queer people wearing the rainbow flag.

Commenting on the results, Jacqueline Bourke, EMEA Director of Creative Insights, Getty Images said: “At Getty Images we are passionate about representing the LGBTQ+ community and truly understand how images can make a difference in the world . Our visual GPS research has clearly shown that more representation influences greater acceptance. When we choose to shine a light on the previously invisible, we not only increase the visibility of the story, but also challenge harmful, clichéd visual stereotypes of the LGBTQ+ community by using forward-thinking imagery.”

Successful applicants will be invited to a photography masterclass, receive a personal mentoring session with a Getty Images photographer, receive editorial and event photography opportunities at Gay Times, receive a portfolio review from Getty Images and receive a £1,000 bursary . Fujifilm camera kit, a taste of the Rainbow SKITTLES pack and a tour of Queer Britain.

Applications for the grants are only open to LGBTQ+ UK residents who are aspiring photographers. Applications must be submitted no later than 31 October 2022.

Victoria Gell, SKITTLES Brand Director said: “SKITTLES is passionate about serving the LGBTQ+ community not only during Pride month but throughout the year and we look forward to continuing to use our platform to participate to support the community. Last year we launched our Recolour the Rainbow campaign, bringing color and vibrancy to moments from Pride history with the aim of filling gaps in the LGBTQ+ archive. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with GAY TIMES and Queer Britain, and to network with Getty Images as we aim to unearth never-before-seen photographs and pave the way for more diverse archives through our grants program .

Josh Fletcher, Executive Creative Director at GTX, GAYTIMES Group, said: “While it is important to recognize the fantastic work of LGBTQ+ archivists in the UK, LGBTQ+ history has not always been a true representation of the diverse community through traditional records . This work continues the important and necessary conversation about the gaps in the LGBTQ+ archive, and illuminates and celebrates the photography that exists and is yet to come. Through community submissions and our grants, we hope to build on the British LGBTQ+ archive in the coming years and ensure that we can truly represent our vibrant community.”

Queer Britain CEO and Co-Founder Joseph Galliano said: “LGBTQ+ people come in all shades and stripes and we’re proud to work with SKITTLES, GAY TIMES and Getty Images to ensure our collection reflects this. The grants is a solid and practical way to ensure that diversity is represented both in front of and behind the camera, enabling a richer future for us all.”

Visit to find out more about the campaign, submit your photos and find out how to apply for the grant.