Man suspected of killing five people in gay nightclub released on bail

The suspect in the shooting that killed five people at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs has been denied bail.

MeAt Wednesday’s preliminary hearing, the suspect collapsed in a chair with injuries to his face and head.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, describes himself as non-binary and appeared to need the encouragement of his lawyers in a short video from prison.

When asked by El Paso County District Court Judge Charlotte Ankeny to provide their names, Aldrich replied indifferently.



Photos of Club Q mass murder victims (David Zalubowski/AP)

The suspect, who was beaten by a customer in a shootout at Club Q on Saturday night, was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

The cause of the shooting is still under investigation, but officials said Aldrich could face murder and hate crime charges.

Hate crime accusations require evidence that the shooter acted in a biased manner against the actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity of the victim. Indictments against Aldrich are pending, and prosecutors have yet to file formal charges.

On Tuesday, defense attorneys said the suspect was a non-binary and was identified in court documents as “Mx Aldrich.” The attorney’s file alleges Aldrich is non-binary and uses pronouns.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is seen perched in a chair in a short video taken from the Colorado Springs prison on Wednesday (El Paso County District Court/AP)



Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is seen perched in a chair in a short video taken from the Colorado Springs prison on Wednesday (El Paso County District Court/AP)

At a post-trial press conference, prosecutor Michael Allen repeatedly referred to the suspect as “she” and said he believed the suspect’s gender would not change the case. said he was “physically sufficient” to admit

Ankeny has scheduled the next public hearing for December 6th.

Of the 17 people injured in the attack, 11 were taken to hospital Wednesday night.

Aldrich’s name was changed more than six years ago when his mother filed a legal petition in Texas to “defend herself” from her father, who had a criminal record, including domestic violence against her as a teenager. rice field.

Five killed in attack (David Zalubowski/AP)



Five killed in attack (David Zalubowski/AP)

Aldrich was known as Nicholas Franklin Brink until 2016.

A few weeks before his 16th birthday, Aldrich filed a name change petition in a Texas court, according to court records.

A petition for a name change was filed in Brink’s name by the legal guardian at the time.

According to state and federal court records, the suspect’s father, Aaron Brink, is also a mixed martial artist and a pornographic artist. .

A California felony conviction in 2002 resulted in a protective order that prevented Aaron Brink from contacting the suspect or Mr. Brink.

Aaron Brink told San Diego’s CBS affiliate KFMB-TV that he was shocked to learn that Aldrich was involved in the incident, and his first reaction was to wonder why Aldrich was at the gay bar. He added.

Although he had little contact with his own children, Brink said he taught them to fight and “admired” Aldrich for his violent behavior at an early age.

He added that he regretted banishing Aldrich. If you kill someone, something goes mad. this is not the answer. ”

Aldrich was arrested last year after her mother reported her son threatened her with homemade bombs and other weapons.

Investigator continues to work at Club Q (AP)



Investigator continues to work at Club Q (AP)

In a doorbell video obtained by the Associated Press, Aldrich came to his mother’s door on the day of the 2021 bomb threat with a large black bag and said the police were nearby, saying, “Here I am. will die today.”

Authorities said no explosives were found at the time, but gun control advocates wondered why police were using Colorado’s “red flag” laws to seize weapons belonging to Aldrich’s mother’s children. I wondered if he didn’t.

Attacks over the weekend took place approximately 110 km south of Denver. Denver, a largely conservative city of nearly 480,000 people, is known for its nightclubs as a haven for the LGBTQ community.

The attack was stopped by two club bosses, including Richard Fiero, who told reporters he took the gun from Aldrich, shot them, and asked for help from another man until the police arrived. I borrowed them and fixed them.

The victim is Raymond Green Vance, 22, from Colorado Springs, who was saving up to buy his own apartment. Ashley Paugh, 35, mother helping her stepson find a home. Daniel Aston, 28, works as a bartender and entertainer at a club. Kelly Loving, 40. Her sister describes her as “kind and gentle”. and 38-year-old Derrick Ramp, another club bartender known for his intelligence.

Authors: Colleen Slevin, Thomas Peipert, Jesse Bedayn, Brittany Pearson, AP

Source: Belfast Telegraph





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