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USA: Republicans take the lead in the House of Representatives and the Senate remains in a virtual tie

Midterm election scrutiny in the United States is slow. With the tables already closed on the West Coast, the first forecasts showed a small advantage of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, while the composition of the Senate still does not set the trend: the results depend on three or four states.

Thus, the first results of the mid-term elections did not bring big surprises, and the Republican and Democratic candidates of the two chambers of the federal Congress won overall according to the polls. In the first hours, none of the contests, which were more contested, had a clear outcome.

The US mainstream media has already announced the winners of several races that were considered “safe”, that is, in which polls indicated a clear victory for the Democratic or Republican side.

In this sense, Republican candidates won the federal Senate elections in South Carolina, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, and Kentucky, while Democrats did the same in Vermont, Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland.

In Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Hampshire, all considered key races, scrutiny was not yet advanced enough to reveal a winner.

House of Representatives

In the House of Representatives, the election followed the same pattern, and almost three hours after the first polls closed, Republicans won 27 districts and Democrats won 15 out of 435 congressional seats. House American Low.

None of the electoral battles decided at this time are considered to be the key to the political future of the United States, that is, who is considered to control the Senate and the House of Representatives on one side or the other. .

This Tuesday, Americans are called to the polls, known as midterm elections, to elect all members of the lower house, a third of the senators and several governors and state and local offices.

What are they choosing in this election?

Americans today elect 435 members of the House of Representatives, 35 of 100 senators and 36 governors, as well as thousands of local and state offices, and hold referendums on issues such as the legalization of marijuana or abortion.

In some states, it may take a few days to get the results. In the 2020 presidential election, the nation’s mainstream media took four days to declare incumbent President Joe Biden the winner, and for this Tuesday’s election, the White House has already warned that “an orderly ballot count will take time.”

This midterm election is the first since a presidential election marked by baseless allegations of fraud by the Republican Party and then-President Donald Trump himself (2017-2021), who still believes he won two years ago.

According to EFE agency

Source: El Diario





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