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Pro-Russians accuse Ukraine of having left Kherson without water or electricity

An alleged attack by the Ukrainian side against power lines would have been responsible for a massive power outage in the city and part of the homonymous region.

The city of Kherson, in southern Ukraine, occupied by the Russian army since the first weeks of the invasion, was left this Sunday (06.11.2022) “without water or electricity” due to an alleged Ukrainian bombardment, the authorities indicated. of Russian occupation of the region. Other sources indicate that the cause was an alleged “sabotage” against high-tension lines.

“A terrorist attack, organized by the Ukrainian side, damaged three concrete poles of high-voltage lines on the Berslav-Kajovka axis,” pro-Russian authorities said in a statement. “Currently there is neither water nor electricity in the city or in some districts of the region,” they added. The news comes on the heels of another alleged Ukrainian attack on the Kakhovka dam.

“There is no electricity in the whole city of Kherson. We are waiting for information (on what has happened),” said a spokesman for the energy company KhersonOblEnergo. According to the local emergency services, the electrical networks were damaged by “attacks committed by Ukrainian sabotage groups”. “There are ten towns without electricity (in the Kherson region),” an official said.

First time

The authorities installed by Russia in the area assured that they are working quickly to solve the problem, and asked the population to “keep calm.” The Reuters agency highlights that the accusations against the Ukrainian side were not accompanied by evidence. It is the first time that Kherson has been suffering from such a power outage since the start of the conflict.

The authorities designated by Russia in the region, illegally annexed by Moscow last September, also assured this Sunday that kyiv concentrates a large number of tanks and armored vehicles near that area, in the framework of preparations for an imminent offensive. “They are concentrating more and more equipment. Many armored vehicles and tanks are arriving,” said the pro-Russian deputy governor, Kiril Stremoúsov, on Telegram.

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