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YouTuber was sentenced for posting a video of a personal conversation

Sant Feliu de Llobregat Court of First Instance fined € 10,000 youtuber For posting a video that included a personal phone conversation between two other people. In the audio man and woman, as well as acquaintances Influential Various social networks and ex-sentimental partners discuss relationships and sex life issues.

At the request of the woman on the record, the titular judge found her guilty youtuber, On a platform known as Naia, which broadcasts a review of a privacy offense because of a plaintiff ‘s unlawful invasion of privacy. The sentence, which was accessed by this media outlet, highlighted as aggravating circumstances that its purpose was to audio “reach the maximum number of people and not delete the conversation”.

The events date back to 2016, when Naya uploaded to the internet and connected from her YouTube channel a personal and intimate phone call between Maria Rubio (known as Miare) and Daniel Bartome (known as Dalas Review). According to the lawsuit, the video of the call had more than 158,000 views and the intimate conversation quickly went viral and was posted on various websites. Naia later canceled the video.

“The defendant did not present any evidence that would undermine what was stated in the lawsuit,” the verdict reads. “The publication made by the respondent on the YouTube platform affects the plaintiff’s honor and personal confidentiality, which is spread without any just cause. “The comments made affect the plaintiff’s privacy, they are protected by their absolute confidentiality, so spreading them to third parties violates the right to respect, which is not protected by freedom of expression,” he said. Judge.

Rubio’s lawyer, David Bravo, said in a statement: “This proposal shows that a law that protects privacy, even though it dates back to 1982, applies equally to modern communication technologies and should not be deemed to be deleted. “The file eliminates the evidence, it’s really easy to accredit what is being done on the Internet in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.” contacted youtuber Condemned who did not reply. Through Twitter, he insisted that the proposal “is not final.” The verdict is being appealed in a Barcelona court.

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