Apple is suing a former employee for leaking confidential information about its mixed reality glasses and other products to the press

Apple has sued a former employee for allegedly leaking confidential information and classified details about new services and devices to reporters from various media outlets from his business phone. The multinational company accuses him of, on the employee’s own terms, “killing” products he disagreed with and preventing them from entering the market.

“As evidenced by his frequent Google searches, shared articles, and screenshots saved of Apple-provided work on iPhones, vanity and personal enjoyment of media attention also played a role in his misconduct,” the brand’s lawsuit, filed by in a California court.

In one of the screenshots he saved, the former employee said he couldn’t “wait for the chaos to start” over the reaction to an upcoming article involving his leaked information, Apple’s allegations. to one of the journalists The Wall Street Journal To the person who disclosed the information, it would be stored in the company’s phone book as home boy (friend, colleague). Between June and September 2023, he “contacted her over 1,400 times via an encrypted messaging app,” it said. on demand.

Another journalist he was in contact with who belonged to a media outlet specializing in technology coverage information, sent him over 10,000 text messages. He also “crossed the country to meet him,” the indictment continues, saying that employees of other Apple competitors were among the recipients of the data.

Among the leaks were details of VisionOS, the operating system Apple is developing for its new mixed and augmented reality glasses. Also from the journal app, launched in December 2023, which works as a virtual personal diary that can record notes, pictures, videos, locations or conversations with other users.

Apple discovered the former employee’s behavior in the fall of 2023. His superiors met with him and at first he ‚Äúrepeatedly denied leaking information to anyone. He also claimed that he did not have his work iPhone, which was provided to him by Apple. “Needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of an interview,” says the multinational, he took his iPhone out of his pocket during a break and permanently deleted a large amount of evidence from his device. This included the Signal app, which recalled a history of leaking information to ‘Homeboy’ (and presumably others) via encrypted communications.”

At a subsequent meeting, where his superiors explained that they knew he had deleted the Signal app during the previous meeting, the former employee finally admitted everything, always according to the description of the lawsuit. Apple did not respond to’ request for information after the lawsuit was made public.

Source: El Diario

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