European law excludes Amazon: it must be transparent with advertising

New defeat of “big technologies” before European justice. Amazon lost its battle against the European Commission. The General Court of the European Union (TGUE) rejected the company’s request to suspend its commitment to be more transparent on the advertising platform. This is one of the requirements set out in the EU Digital Services Act, which came into effect last year.

Based on this legislation, the European Commission classified Amazon as a major platform. This gives you additional obligations. One of them has to do with creating a public and transparent repository of ads appearing on their services.

Amazon appealed this decision to the European Court of Justice, which initially agreed and released the company from these extraordinary advertising obligations. However, the TGUE vice-president is now changing the criteria in his decision, in which he defends that the EU’s legal interests are above those of the multinationals.

Although he admits that arguments such as freedom of business or the harm of non-suspension cannot be ignored, he considers that they are not “decisive arguments”. “It is necessary to assess whether the weighing of all the interests at stake can justify the rejection of the suspension,” the TGUE said.

“Unless a stay is granted, overturning the Commission’s decision will preserve Amazon’s interest,” it said in a statement, noting that “the stay would delay, potentially for several years, the full achievement of the Digital Single Market Regulation’s objectives.” This, argues the TGUE vice-president, will lead to “the maintenance or development of an online environment that threatens fundamental rights” in which large platforms play a dominant role.

“The interests protected by the EU legislator prevail in the present case over Amazon’s material interests, so the weighing of interests tilts in favor of denying the stay request,” he concludes.

Source: El Diario





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