Judge Pedrazi’s pushback prevents Spain from joining China or Belarus in censoring Telegram.

Telegram was on the verge of inactivity in Spain this Monday. Judge Santiago Pedraz, a magistrate of the National Court, corrected the order he himself issued on Friday blocking access to the app as a precautionary measure. The move will make Spain the only European country, along with Belarus, to censor its citizens’ access to the messaging platform, which is the second most used messaging platform after WhatsApp, and which only a handful of countries in the world have ever adopted. Most, authoritarian.

In his order Friday, Judge Pedras said a “temporary suspension” of Telegram was the “only” “feasible” measure given the “lack of cooperation” from the Virgin Islands, the tax haven where Telegram’s parent company is registered. The proceedings stem from a copyright infringement complaint filed by Mediaset, Antena 3, Movistar+ and Egeda, who accuse the app of allowing downloads of protected content without their permission.

Source: El Diario





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