SeriesYonkis Case: Constitutional Court accepts production companies’ appeal, continuing 16-year legal battle

It was released in Spain in May 2008 Antenna, an Argentinian film. Filmed in black and white and with almost no dialogue, it tells about a city that has lost its voice. A few days later, its producers discovered that a copy of the tape was available online via a website with download links. It was the main reference for PeliculasYonkis, SeriesYonkis, and content download portals that flourished in Spain until 2015 thanks to a legal loophole. responsible Antenna They denounced it, sparking a legal battle that is still alive 16 years later.

As has learned, the Constitutional Court has finally accepted for review the amparo suit filed by the Organization for the Management of the Rights of Audiovisual Producers (Egeda) against the acquittal of the managers of SeriesYonkis in 2021.

Source: El Diario





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