The US Congress passed a bill banning TikTok

A bill that could ban TikTok in the United States has successfully passed Congress. By a large majority of 352 votes to 65, the House of Representatives approved a rule that would force the Chinese owner of the social network to sell it if it wants to avoid sanctions at the national level. Only Senate approval is expected, which doesn’t seem easy to get.

The progress of the law represents an increase in tensions between Washington and Beijing. Both powers are in a battle for control of the new technology, and the United States has long had TikTok in its sights, seeing it as a potential threat to national security.

Within days, American users started a campaign on social networks to stop the ban on TikTok. It is estimated that about 170 million citizens of the country are registered on the Chinese platform New York Times. Such is the network’s ability to influence young people that even President Joe Biden ended up rejecting and building a profile to bolster his candidacy during this year’s election campaign.

Source: El Diario





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