This pin by ChatGPT is Silicon Valley’s new idea for replacing cell phones

Silicon Valley has long wanted to turn the page on current devices. Technology companies, large and small, are exploring replacing screens with devices that are more connected to the user, like a digital plug connected to them. For example, Apple and Meta believe that virtual reality glasses will make computers obsolete and multiply their potential. However, starting this Thursday, all eyes in the Valley have been captured by the AI ​​Pin, a kind of pin with artificial intelligence that aims to do the same with mobile phones.

The anticipation is a result of the AI ​​Pin being signed by Humane, a startup founded by former Apple executives, which invested five years and $250 million into its development. Also because it manages to generate the famous effect Wow Which makes those who see it for the first time think that the device is taken from science fiction. His abilities are actually similar to the insignia of the Star Trek characters’ uniforms, with the addition of his “laser ink”, perhaps the most innovative concept he incorporates.

Source: El Diario

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