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Elon Musk Announces ‘General Amnesty’ for Twitter Users Banned for Hate or Harassment

Twitter’s new owner, billionaire businessman Elon Musk, has announced he will apply a “general amnesty” to suspended accounts next week if they don’t break the law or engage in “outrageous spam.” This means that the businessman opens the door to the return of users who have been expelled from the social network for toxic behavior, such as spreading hate messages, harassing other members of the network, inciting violence or participating in spreading campaigns. manipulation.

Until now, Twitter also did not allow these users to open new accounts. If it found that one of them was behind a profile with a new identity, it would continue to block it. Musk will now allow members who have been kicked out of the social network to resume their activity with the accounts from which they made these types of comments.

The billionaire decided on his new mode of managing the internal politics of the platform: polls among users, launched from his own Twitter account, which he keeps open for about 24 hours. “Should Twitter offer blanket amnesty to suspended accounts as long as they haven’t broken the law or posted spam?” he asked in the latter. It received 3.1 million votes from 240 million active Twitter users. 72% voted.

It was enough for the businessman. “People have spoken. The amnesty starts next week. Vox populi, vox dei,” he wrote Thursday night.

The mogul has already used this method to assess whether to reinstate Donald Trump on Twitter after his account was suspended for promoting a violent attack on the Capitol in Washington on January 6, 2021. The option that supported the return of the former president added 52%. From the votes of this survey. Despite admitting that a group of bots rigged the vote, Musk returned the score to Trump. “We learned some interesting lessons to inform future research,” he said.

This gesture of Musk was rejected by Trump, who, despite the opportunity, did not use Twitter anymore. The Republican says he’s focused on promoting Truth Social, the social network he founded after being kicked off all platforms over what happened on Capitol Hill and during the 2020 presidential election, when he repeatedly and without evidence shared a joke that he would be defeated. It was conditioned. before election manipulation.

Musk has shut down Twitter’s anti-hate office in Brussels

Allowing the return of former Twitter members kicked out for toxic behavior isn’t the only decision the billionaire has made this week to ease safeguards against misinformation and hate on the platform. as revealed Financial TimesMusk ordered the closure of Twitter’s Brussels office, whose main mission was to adapt the social network’s practices to public standards, urging networks to veto such practices.

Two executives in charge of Twitter’s digital policy in Europe left the company last week in a mass layoff. They were tasked with leading Twitter’s efforts to comply with the EU’s Misinformation Code and Digital Services Act, an ambitious rule that came into effect last week and sets out new measures for how to protect big tech users.

“I am concerned by the news that such a large number of Twitter employees have been laid off in Europe,” said Vera Jurova, the EU’s vice-president in charge of the disinformation code. “If you want to expose disinformation and propaganda and be effective, you need resources,” he explained to the aforementioned media.

constant fluctuations

In early November, Musk assured that Twitter “will not allow” the reinstatement of a person kicked off the platform until the company has a regulated process. He also announced the creation of a “moderation board” made up of “representatives with largely divergent views, which will undoubtedly include the civil rights community and groups that fight hate violence” to help shape the process.

With next week’s “general amnesty” and the decision to close the Brussels office, Musk is once again changing his policy in this regard. He did not elaborate on the “advice of moderation” or the regulated process for restoring the accounts of those who have been expelled. On the contrary, it was revealed last week that he had laid off 4,000 subcontracted moderators that the company had around the world, in addition to those he had directly employed, and were let go when he cut 50% off.

These ups and downs are compounded by unstable economic policies. This Wednesday, Musk indefinitely froze a key plan to oxygenate Twitter accounts: the ability to get account verification for $8 a month. The businessman has already had to suspend the process after chaos erupted on the platform, which has seen an explosion of fake profiles and verified accounts impersonating other people or organizations. This week, he said he won’t be renewing anytime soon.

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