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A newcomer is preparing for the final stage of the “drag” championship: experts assure that prizes are also possible

The last weekend of September, 24-25 days, will be the last chance to fight for the top places in the final of the Lithuanian “drag” championship. The sports season is already traditionally held at the Kazlų Rūda airfield, and the masters of drag racing, called legends, promise to close the season, and for the first time they will stand on the starting line of the 402-meter- long track, according to a press release.

The fourth and final stage of the “ Dragster Championship” became fateful for Martynas Bukavickis. The guy bought a ticket for one of the stages of the car-pulling contest, which brought good luck. He won the opportunity to start the last leg of the drag with a BMW specially prepared for this competition by automotive power professionals Insane LT, and the organizers took care not only of the safety attributes he needed, but also of training, so that his first drag start leaves only the best emotions and a lot of adrenaline.

“I really didn’t expect to be able to stand on the starting line. I’m not going to lie, I’m afraid of ‘tomatoes’ because ‘tree’ is not a traffic light in town. I hope to deal with the excitement and have a fun weekend with the drag community,” said Bukavickis, who won the season-long drag racing competition.

drag race

drag race
© Tomas Pošiūnas

Insane LT’s intensive training has already paid off: the boy knows the competition vocabulary “drag”, in which “tomato” means starting too soon and automatic defeat, and “eglute” is a special fire used in competitions. Tomas Čižauskas, the head of Insane LT himself, which competes with the “angry” 40-year-old Audi in drag racing, began to teach Mr. Bukavickis the secrets of “drag”.

“To be successful, first of all, you should not be an eagle and have enough patience. You should also watch what the judges show, – he advised and emphasized that training is also of importance crucial, because it is necessary to understand and know the car. “If we have two good days of competition, it will be a lot of practice, after which it will be possible to arrive at the final races properly prepared.”

drag race

drag race
© Tomas Pošiūnas

The driver’s reaction time is also extremely important in these competitions, but, the interviewer pointed out, it can only be guaranteed that it will be good by observing what is happening carefully and suppressing the excitement. T. Čižauskas revealed that the winner of the competition, who was preparing for the start of the drag, also watched many videos to know how to behave and what to expect.

“I think it’s quite realistic to apply for prize places when starting for the first time. I’ve been successful in that myself. And there will be a lot of people here who can give good advice, there it is therefore enough to ensure a good reaction time”, assured the expert.

The last step this year

It will be possible to see with your own eyes the starting “tree”, to check how the parachutes are braked, to see the burning tires and the material which allows to ensure the best starting times, on September 24 and 25 in Kazlų Rūda Airfield, where the final stage of the “ Dragster Championship” awaits this year.

It is planned to bring together not only drag racing enthusiasts who fight for the prize places and the names of champions, but also masters and legends of “drag” with exclusive equipment that can only be seen very rarely.

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