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CityBee introduces “BeePool” innovation – it will inspire to travel more than one at a time

The CityBee car-sharing company on September 21. introduces another more sustainable mobility promotion feature in its app – “BeePool”, which will give drivers the opportunity to find other passengers, and those who have no means of travel – who can help them reach their destination. Traveling together not only saves you money, but also helps create cleaner cities by reducing the number of cars on the road. According to company chief Kristijonas Kaikaris, depending on how BeePool is rated by customers, consideration will be given to expanding it and introducing it to other markets, according to the press release.

“Offering more sustainable and convenient services and educating about innovative means of travel is one of the main objectives of our company. Celebrating a decade of “CityBee” activity, we notice that the culture of sharing is becoming more and more popular in Lithuania. Currently, the demand for car-sharing services has a particularly strong influence on the ever-increasing costs of owning a car. The further one goes, the more people are convinced that not using their own car most of the time is not an advantage and instead choose alternative modes of transport according to the need at the time.One of them is BeePool, which offers carpooling functionality, explains K. Kaikaris.

According to K. Kaikaris, the “carpooling” method of traveling has been popular in Lithuania for several years – people on their own initiative search for fellow travelers on social networks and other channels. The change in people’s attitude towards travel modes and the high demand prompt us to think not only about the geographical expansion of existing services, but also about the creation of new ones. The head of the company assures that BeePool will make it much faster and easier for people to find people traveling in the same direction, allow them to get around more efficiently and help reduce congestion and pollution in cities , and will also save them money when traveling between cities. After the introduction of BeePool, it will first be evaluated whether it is user-friendly, meets customer needs and is in demand. Depending on the results, it will be considered whether the functionality will be further developed and presented in other markets of CityBee’s activity.

© DELFI / Karolina Pansevich

BeePool can be consulted and used for free in the CityBee app. Drivers who want to find travel companions for their personal journey only need to create an advertisement and enter information about the planned journey: starting point and destination of the journey, departure time, number of free seats in the car , etc. Other travelers should check the ads, choose the right trip and make a reservation. Drivers and co-passengers can communicate with each other and check travel details before and after booking a seat in the car.

Promoting a culture of sharing, BeePool is welcome to be used not only when driving CityBee cars, but also when traveling in one’s own car.

Source: The Delfi



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