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Officials explain why Lithuanians generally lose their driving licenses: tens of thousands every year

Road safety experts and officials often remind drivers that they should drive in a safe and responsible manner, as this will not only ensure their own safety and that of others, but also avoid heavy fines. However, tens of thousands of people lose their driver’s license every year due to KET violations. So for what offenses do Lithuanians usually have to sit in the passenger seat?

Although it would seem that the tolerance towards drunk drivers is only increasing, it is for this offense that most drivers lose their driving license every year. According to data from the Lithuanian Traffic Police Service, 4,198 people were deprived of their right to drive in 2021 for violating Article 422 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (Driving vehicles while intoxicated or intoxicated by narcotics, psychotropic or other psychotropic substances), and in the first six of these months of the year – 2142 people.

The second reason why Lithuanians usually lose their driving license is violation of Article 415 of the procedure for driving vehicles. This article defines offenses when the vehicle participates in traffic, but is not registered according to the established procedure, does not have license plates or is covered, is not insured by compulsory third party liability insurance, n does not have a valid technical inspection or its tires, the light transmission of the glass does not meet the requirements and in such cases, when its participation in traffic is stopped. 1,267 Lithuanians lost their driving license in 2021 for such violations, 541 in the first 6 months of this year.

We talk very often about speeding in our country, so it is not surprising that this violation of KET is the third reason why Lithuanians usually lose their driving license. For 416 st. Violation In 2021, 1,193 Lithuanians lost their driving license, 419 compatriots lost their driving license in the first six months of this year.

In addition, Lithuanians lose their driving license after violating Article 420, which specifies liability for dangerous and hooligan driving and violation of the ban on overtaking or entering the established oncoming traffic lane in the Highway Code. In 2021, 900 drivers lost the right to drive this year – 341 in 6 months.

Lithuanians often have to say goodbye to their driver’s license because of Article 417. Violation – Failure to comply with traffic signs, requirements for the transport of people or other violation of road traffic rules. In 2021, 800 compatriots lost their right to drive for such an offense, this year – 339 in 6 months.

Although drivers often tell themselves that they should not drive away if they make a mistake, for violation of Section 426. (Disobeying the request to stop the vehicle or leave the scene of the traffic accident) In 2021, 546 Lithuanians lost their driving license, another 202 drivers lost their right to drive in the first 6 months of this year.

In 2021, 497 drivers lost their driver’s license for traffic violations (section 423) resulting in minor health problems and property damage, respectively 201 drivers in the first half of this year.
395 Lithuanians lost their right to drive last year, and 180 compatriots in the first half of this year, for repeated driving of vehicles by drivers while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics, psychotropic drugs or other psychoactive substances (art. 427).

Although most drivers instinctively buckle their seat belts when getting in the car or taking care of the safety of their children, 90 people lost their driver’s license last year for using seat belts, seats adapted to the size and weight of children, and 45 drivers lost their driver’s license last year due to violations of order while wearing motorcycle helmets.

It’s also worth noting that in 2021, 46 drivers lost their right to drive after violating Section 421, which defines crossing driving violations. 5 of these people were registered during the first half of this year.

Although these are the top 10 offenses that usually cause Lithuanians to lose their driving license, police statistics record more individual offenses that caused drivers to stop driving. People have been deprived of their right to drive due to violations of the following articles of the Civil Code:

  • Article 282. Illegal driving through grass, forest floor or ice of bodies of water by motor vehicles;
  • Article 429. Authorization to drive a broken down vehicle or in violation of other rules;
  • Article 431. Non-compliance with the requirements set for the owner (operator) of the vehicle;
  • Article 463. Non-payment of the road user charge fixed for the owners or managers of vehicles;
  • Article 481. A minor violation of public order.

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