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Even after Jocytei had fun, the Lithuanians won by a big enough margin to be first in the group

The 18-year-old Lithuanian women’s national team (2-1) will qualify for the European Championship qualifiers from first place in Group C.

National team coached by Vilias Stanišauskas 72:56 (22:14, 17:17, 16:8, 17:17) confidently beat the undefeated Hungarian basketball players (2-1) and thanks to the best score-miss ratio (+7) in group matches, they overtook the Hungarians who had the same number of wins (-7) and Finland (0), who they lost in the first round.

The rivals didn’t lead for a moment in Monday’s game. Lithuanian juniors lost the most immediately after the break, when they did not allow opponents to score points for more than 7 minutes. At the end of the fourth quarter, the advantage of ours melted, but the Hungarian representatives did not have enough time.

Justė Jocytė played the most valuable for Lithuania, with 17 points (3/4 double-pointers, 2/5 three-pointers, 5/5 penalties), 9 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, and 27 utility points. True, the leader of the national team did not finish the match due to 5 personal fouls.

Rusnė Augustinaitė became the game’s most productive player with 21 points (6/9 double-points, 2/10 three-points, 3/5 penalties).

Two great Lithuanian players – Gerda Raulušaitytė (11 points, 9 rebounds) and Ugnė Sirtautaitė (10 points, 9 rebounds) – came close to a double-double.

In the round of 16 on Wednesday, the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina will await the national team of Lithuania, which will remain bottom of group D, regardless of the outcome of the duel with France.

The start of the match was similar for both teams, but after a 6-0 run, the Lithuanians were leading with a double-digit difference – 22:12. In the second half, the opponents managed to reduce the deficit, but the quarter ended with an equal result (17:17), so the difference remained unchanged – 39:31.

After the break, the Lithuanians looked much better both in defense and attack and were determined to overthrow their opponents. 12 points were scored unanswered, and the lead became overwhelming – 51:32. The Hungarians scored only in the 8th minute of the quarter, and before the last quarter ours had a lead of 55:39.

The Hungarian national team failed to turn the tide of the match even in the decisive half – the Lithuanians resisted the opponent’s chase attempts and won 72:56.

Lithuania: Rusnė Augustinaitė 21, Justė Jocytė 17, Gerda Raulušaitytė 11, Ugnė Sirtautaitė 10 points.

Hungary: Reka Millkovics 11, Sara Laczko 10, Helena Lilla Dobo 9, Boglarka Katona, Edina Strausz and Rebeka Holcz 7 points each.

Source: The Delfi



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