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Portadown FC expresses trespassing concerns at Shamrock Park

General view of shamrock garden (Photo: Portadown FC)

Portadown Football Club says it is “extremely concerned” about the recent influx of power outages at Shamrock Park.

The Premier League club said there have been cases of youths breaking into the ground.

They urged parents to ensure that their children do not enter the building, especially since chemical work was conducted on the site during the off-season.

In a short statement shared on social media, Portadown said: “As a football team, we are deeply concerned about the recent influx of children who have been digging in the ground and have asked parents to ensure that children do not cross as there is a risk of injury or real danger. Worse, especially With chemical work being done in the off season fields.

Portadown is preparing for another major league season after securing the Premier League standings through the playoffs.

They defeated their neighbor Hug United by two feet and remain in the squad.

They then appointed Paul Doolin on a permanent basis after a successful tenure for Dublin.

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