The squash courts at Romsey Sports Center are closed while a roof leak is repaired.

The squash courts at Romsey Sports Center are temporarily closed.

The Places Leisure team at Romsey Rapids Sports Complex closed the squash courts on Tuesday while a leak in the roof was repaired.

The rest of the Southampton Road site remains open, but the leisure center does not yet know when the facilities will reopen.

A user who wanted to reserve a squash court was told that this was possible for a minimum of two weeks.

Ian Such, managing director, said: “We can confirm that we have closed a small building next to the Romsey Rapids sports complex.”

“It houses the now empty Romsey Rugby Club building and two squash courts.

“Due to bad weather, there was some minor water intrusion into the old clubhouse.

“We expect contractors on site to resolve the issue in the coming days. There are no disruptions at the Romsey Rapids sports complex, everything is working as usual.”

Author: Adele Bouchard
Source: Daily Echo

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