Manchester United player sent off after 85 seconds for foul on Southampton’s Psycho

On this day in 1987, Manchester United’s Liam O’Brien was sent off after just 85 seconds for a foul on Southampton’s Mark Dennis.

The match at The Dell on 3 January ended in a 1–1 draw, although Nick Holmes scored the opening goal just minutes later.

Jesper Olsen equalized for the Red Devils, who were left with ten men for the first time in their history thanks to O’Brien’s red card.

O’Brien was said to be distraught that the match was being televised in his home country of the Irish Republic and was being watched by friends and family.

O’Brien’s foul on Saints defender Dennis in the first minute was seen as a red card, but Dennis himself had an interesting disciplinary record.

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Dennis, a native of Streatham, was known as “Pishko” among Saints supporters and was sent off 12 times during his career.

Dennis played 129 games for the Saints between 1983 and 1987 and continued to play professional roles both in and outside of football throughout the region.

Author: Author: Alfie House
Source: Daily Echo

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