Southampton’s Charles answers football’s biggest question

DESPITE a new signing in his natural position, young Shea Charles has fought his way back into the Saints midfield.

Only 10 Saints players have served longer than the former Manchester City academy captain, who turned 20 last month.

Charles has featured in 17 of 19 Championship games this season and made just one senior appearance for City before his move.

We had the opportunity to chat with Charles for the first time since pre-season, asking him some of our questions and some questions from Saints fans…

Question: The last time we spoke was in Turkey. Does it seem like a lot of time has passed or has it gone by quickly?

I think it happened very quickly. I remember thinking the other day that I moved into my apartment in September, but it’s been almost three months.

It ended quickly, but I really like it.

Q: How was the move from Manchester to Southampton?

I’ve lived in Manchester all my life, so it’s definitely different here. It’s quieter here and I live alone.

It’s less to do, but I like it, the football is good, so I can’t complain.

Question: How do you cook yourself?

I don’t find it that difficult. Just read what it says on the package. My best dish is probably spaghetti Bolognese, but I’ve only made it once.

Question: You only did it once? This doesn’t count as cooking…

I cooked spaghetti once, but I also cooked a lot of other things.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between playing for Manchester City and Southampton’s academy?

It’s different because you have fans, and fans want results. If you don’t achieve good results in academic football, then only the coaches will step on your heels.

It was difficult for me at that stage when we lost four games in a row. In some of these matches I also played as a central defender.

The fans weren’t happy, but after that we got over it and I think we’ve always had a good relationship with the fans.

Daily Echo: Shea Charles leaves Manchester City as Premier League 2 captain

Q: I don’t want to get into the negatives, but was the costly mistake early on against Leicester a real setback, or were you able to adapt and concentrate?

As for me, I just made a mistake. They score a goal and it looks bad, but everyone in the game ends up losing the ball.

We just have to keep going and try to get good at our game and that’s what I tried to do. We still lost, but I felt good for the rest of the game.

Q: You’ve played the 11th most minutes of any Saints player this season. Are you satisfied with your efforts?

Yes, and in my first year in senior football, every minute is so important to me. Whether I start, come off the bench or do what the manager wants, I can’t complain.

Q: How are you approaching and enjoying your more advanced role in midfield?

I used to play as an eight so it’s nothing new for me and I wanted to work on that attacking game of mine.

In the last few games I’ve been able to move forward a little more, make some forward runs and make some important passes. This is what I really like.

Q: Despite the strong competition, have you seen the arrival of Flynn Downs and do you think it will become more difficult to get minutes?

Sure, but when someone like Flynn plays your position so well, I can look up to him.

He’s played this system before, so I see him as someone I can learn from.

Daily Echo: Flynn Downes likely to play in Russell Martin's midfield every game

Question: When you throw the ball 30 yards, the fans scream “Shoooooo!” make you want to run after him?

When the fans scream “Shoot!”, especially when you’re not even thinking about shooting, you want to shoot.

I don’t think I’ve had that moment yet, I’ve had the scream but not the shot yet. This certainly comes to mind.

Question: If you have yogurt, do you spoon the excess yogurt from the lid back into the jar or lick it?

I would lick it if it was on the lid. Not true?

Question: How does it feel to make it to your country’s senior team ahead of your club?

It was different because I didn’t know anyone who had done it, but I think Jonny Evans would have done the same thing when he was younger.

Several more players then joined City. At City I had Rodri before me and he’s one of the best players in the world, so…

I think this will happen more often in the future. At least in the City.

Question: I think it’s getting on your nerves. What’s it like to have two names?

What, Shea and Charles? (thinks)

Daily Echo: Don't you have a better question?

Question: Let’s leave it at that. Who is your best friend in the club?

I would say Juan Larios and Sam Edozie. Juan returned to Spain to complete his rehabilitation, so it was definitely a difficult time for him.

Q: What do you think your linebacker profile is as it has changed throughout the season?

Initially I would say I was an active midfielder, but I can play both roles. This is what I play now, even coming off the bench.

Question: Who was the toughest direct opponent you faced this season?

I would probably say Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall. We held hands and I marked him and followed him everywhere and it was hard.

I thought I would handle it well, but he was playing in the Premier League and I thought he would probably be the toughest opponent.

Question: What is your favorite food?

Pizza, dominoes. Either I just eat a Margarita, or I have Texas BBQ.

Thanks Shea and good luck against Watford on Saturday…

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